Introducing the 2024 Outdoor Innovation Awards

Featured 2024 Winners

Welcome to the Outdoor Innovation Awards. Where innovation, performance, and a passion for adventure converge. From the newest cutting-edge gear and sustainable practices to immersive retail experiences, we are here to applaud and recognize those who elevate the industry and inspire outdoor and sports enthusiasts worldwide.

67.8 Billion Dollars Estimated Market in 2024*


6.95% Annual expected growth rate from 2023 to 2028


80% of outdoor activity categories experienced participation growth

One lasting impact of the Covid-19 pandemic has been soaring consumer interest in healthier lifestyles and nature-focused activities, like camping, hiking, and running, as well as traditional sports. As the evolving Outdoor and Sports Retailer markets’ landscape continues to experience unprecedented growth among multiple industries and channels, the competition is becoming increasingly fierce, with new products and services entering the market daily. Brands are continually searching for ways to stand out in the crowded market and inform consumers on why their products stand out from the competition.

The Outdoor Innovation Awards mission is to recognize and celebrate excellence in the outdoor and sports industry by honoring outstanding achievements in innovation and overall contribution to the outdoor retail landscape. Through our internationally recognized program, we strive to showcase and uplift the companies and products that are exemplifying a commitment to quality, and the advancement of outdoor and sports experiences.

The Outdoor Innovation Awards program is the industry’s most robust recognition platform for the innovators and leaders of the Outdoor and Sports Recreation Industry, built to recognize the most outstanding companies, services and products within this rapidly expanding market.

Top Outdoor Market Macro Trends for 2024

POS (Point of Sales) to POE (Point of Engagement)

The blending of physical and digital experiences with AI and Virtual reality will move from proving concepts to creating new functionality and better experiences. Sports & outdoor merchants can actively bring their products closer to customers through real-time engagement.


E-commerce growth is stabilizing in many markets signaling the importance of balancing both online and in-store sales strategies.

Brand communications

Communications to consumers’ needs to be optimized and refocused on the brand’s core value proposition, which will help companies achieve revenue uplift.

Sustainability and Ethical Practices

There is a heightened focus on sustainability within the industry, with consumers showing a preference for environmentally friendly and ethically produced products. Many sports and outdoor retailers are adopting sustainable practices in their supply chains and product offerings.

Innovation in Products

Technological innovation is a key driver in the industry, with advancements in materials, wearables, and smart technology influencing product development. Sports and outdoor retailers are investing in research and development to bring innovative and high-performance products to the market.

Health and Wellness Trends

The growing awareness of health and wellness has impacted the sports and outdoor retail space, with an increasing number of consumers seeking products that support an active lifestyle.